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The U.S. Supreme Court is on the wrong side of history by voting to overturn Roe V. Wade. The fundamentally undemocratic reversal is a racist attack on all working people, and particularly women of color and low income women. Yesterday, unionists across the country came together at our event to collectively discuss the urgency of the moment, coordinate strategy and share resources. Those in labor can use our editable resolution language to support reproductive choice and the ability to make family planning choices. Now is the time to put forward resolutions in your union and labor council! Please share the following resolution and resource toolkit widely with your labor networks:

LINK TO RESOURCE TOOLKIT *please upload any addition resolutions and statements we missed under the "Union Resolutions / Statement on Roe" folder.


Whereas, the U.S. Supreme Court is on the wrong side of history by voting to overturn Roe V. Wade. The fundamentally undemocratic reversal is an attack on all working people, and particularly women of color and low income women; and

Whereas, unions are the largest organizations of women in the United States and pregnancy impacts wages, benefits, and workforce participation. The right of women to control their own bodies cannot be separated from the right of workers to control their own labor. Restricting people’s reproductive choice and ability to make family planning choices directly impedes people’s ability to get work and keep work; and

Whereas, without access to safe, legal abortions, women will die. Maternal mortality dropped dramatically after Roe was decided in 1973. Before Roe, an estimated 5,000 women died every year from the complications of illegal abortions. Throughout history, laws have never stopped abortions and without access to safe, early abortion, women will again turn to back-alley abortions—and thousands will die; and

Whereas, banning abortions does not reduce abortions. Reproductive rights and justice include policies to reduce unintended pregnancy in the first place; to make all forms of birth control and contraception available and affordable; to support sex education; and to support women who bring their pregnancies to term; and

Whereas, anti-abortion attacks have nothing to do with saving women’s lives or protecting the interests of children. Overturning Roe will separate families and send women and their healthcare providers to prison who seek/provide abortion care — even in the cases of rape and incest.

Resolved, that [Name of Labor Union/Org] declares that reproductive rights are workers’ rights and will defend and support all efforts to obtain and maintain health care for working people covering all reproductive rights choices; and

Resolved, that [Name of Labor Union/Org] must demand that President Joe Biden put forward contingency plans such as declaring a public health emergency and taking emergency action to protect abortion access. 34 U.S. Senators have already publicly demanded he act and restore our democracy. The fundamentally undemocratic Supreme Court must not get the final say on a person’s right to control their body; and

Resolved, that [Name of Labor Union/Org] will call upon all of its affiliates, locals and members to urge their legislators, both state and federal, to support statutory and constitutional protection for abortion and oppose any legislation that restricts reproductive rights. The union will organize and mobilize members within its capacity to local reproductive justice demonstrations; and

Be it further resolved, that [Name of Labor Union/Org] will advocate with their Trust administrators to make immediate changes to their health plan to fully cover reproductive health care, including paid leave and travel expenses for abortion care; and

Be it finally resolved, that[Name of Labor Union/Org] supports U.S. Labor Against Racism and War (USLARW) as a vehicle for labor to fight racism and organize for international worker solidarity and will affiliate or re-affiliate, with USLARW. (optional →) The union will commit an additional [insert dollar amount] to USLARW in its campaign efforts to demilitarize our economy and build international solidarity between the workers of the world.


Ken Heard
Ken Heard
Jul 21, 2022

The last rwo email address lack a 6 after the 9 in the email address.


Ken Heard
Ken Heard
Jul 21, 2022

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