U.S. Labor Against Racism and War (USLARW) was formerly known as U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW). In August of 2020, our representatives voted unanimously to update the name of the organization to reflect our growing scope of work and bridge the wars against working people at home and aboard. U.S. Labor Against Racism and War is a national organization of unions and other labor organizations founded in January of 2003 to oppose President George Bush’s then threatened war on Iraq. In more than a decade since, USLARW has organized a network of more than 150 unions, labor councils, state labor federations, allied labor organizations and union committees that builds international working-class solidarity to oppose militarism both at home and abroad. 

U.S. Labor Against Racism and War is internationally recognized as the U.S. voice for organized labor and international labor solidarity. In 2005, it led the historic campaign to get the AFL-CIO to come out against the Iraq war, symbolizing the first time the federation took a stance against a war.

Our mission statement is bold. It commits the organization to the struggle to build our labor movement toward international solidarity across borders, peaceful solutions to international disputes, public education on international issues, and the domestic impact and consequences of racism and militarism.

U.S. Labor Against Racism and War is independently funded exclusively through annual affiliation fees paid by its labor affiliates, individual memberships and small donations from its supporters. It takes no funds from the government, state department or corporate foundations. This allows us to be the genuine, international voice for the U.S. labor movement. Your personal support is greatly appreciated.