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Our labor movement has played a leading role in the fight against racism and militarism before. With strong worker organizations coupled with transformative member education, we will do it again. Education, and in particular popular education of and from workers, is vital to a labor movement fighting for economic and social change. Our workshops aim to help workers understand the world around them, so we can take back control collectively, intervene in it, and transform it.


There are enough resources in the world for everyone's basic needs to be met—for decent housing, public education, enough food, safety, etc. The problem isn’t that we don’t have enough wealth—it’s that it’s distributed unfairly. Racism and militarism are the primary strategies of anti-worker forces and their strongest and most powerful tool. Who does racism benefit? Why was it invented? Who does it serve? The Labor School for Solidarity explores the critical issues intended to divide our solidarity and keep us from righteous progress in a unifying, practical and action oriented approach.


The workshops below can be tailored to your group's needs. Rates vary depending on organization budget and number of attendees. E-mail

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Let’s get real: the only real war is the one on workers – and the struggle is global. Where the wealthy militarize workers abroad, they also lay the groundwork for militarism right here at home. Their for-profit playbook is rooted in fears that stem from racism and xenophobia. But who actually controls the economy and who runs it? How does capitalism work and are there any realistic alternatives? Is racism simply about individual’s ignorance and stereotypes? This participatory workshop is filled with exercises that provides students with tools to counter the racist and xenophobic divide-and-conquer playbook of the boss.

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The boss class who control the money do a lot of things to keep us from getting the power we need to manifest the world we want for our families and communities. It’s why we must organize in visionary ways that turn fear, apathy and neutrality into hope, courage and action. What is organizing and what does it mean to organize for power? This interactive workshop lays out organizing fundamentals and how our unions can become fighting organizations of the working class. Students will takeaway charting and mapping tools to structure campaigns and have effective organizing conversations on issues of racism and war.


Leaders already exist in our ranks. What should we look for when IDing leaders and in strategies to develop leadership skills? Individually, how can we become effective leaders and develop a deeper awareness of our own skills? Together we’ll partake in deep self-reflection and highlight the difference between Leaders vs Activists and the Savior vs Solidarity approach. Students will takeaway charting and mapping tools that build the ladder of engagement and effective goal setting with leaders.

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