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US Labor Against the War will join delegates from all continents at the Anti-imperialist Solidarity Conference in Havana from November 1 – 3. As the Trump administration is imposing fresh sanctions on Cuba over its support for Venezuela’s democratically elected Maduro government, help us bring batteries, coffee and other basic necessities to the Cuban people by clicking here.

“Cuba is again a meeting place for those who defend peace, solidarity among peoples, justice, and democracy based on the true power of the progressive masses,” stated Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, secretary general of the Federation of Cuban workers.

Our government has sought to undermine the triumphs of the Cuban Revolution by punishing Cuban workers through a commercial, economic, and financial blockade for six long decades, despite 73% of US citizens’ support of lifting the blockade. Cuba is not our enemy, they’re our fellow workers, friends and neighbors. The blockade prohibits US workers the right to freely travel to Cuba as guaranteed by the US Supreme Court and forge worker-to-worker ties. If the blockade is lifted, it would create jobs for US workers and increase trade in agricultural products for farmers, among other economic benefits.

US Labor Against the War condemns the Trump administration’s travel restriction policies and the prolonged, brutal blockade and sanctions against the Cuban people. Despite the little resources in food, medicine and trade opportunities due to the blockade, the Cuban Revolution remains a beacon of hope for workers everywhere and has accomplished some of the highest literacy rates and health conditions in the world. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to get on-the-ground updates from Cuba.


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