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Three U.S. unionists are traveling with over 100 other young people from North America to build solidarity with Cuban activists and organizers living under the weight of US sanctions. In the coming days, they'll bring you updates from on-the-ground that will break the wall of corporate propaganda we hear about our Cuban siblings and their elected government. U.S. Labor

Against Racism and War is in full opposition to President Biden’s 243 sanctions that aim to strangle the Cuban people.

Cuba is our fellow workers, friends and neighbors. Our solidarity will pave the path for a better future between our peoples. Can we count on you to support our international labor solidarity efforts with a donation?

Today, the youth brigade will be welcomed in Cuba by the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Center, a grassroots organization with 35 years of solidarity work on the island. During the trip, members of the delegation will meet with ordinary people, scientists, artists, labor, LGBTQ, community and anti-racist activists to see and hear first hand about how six decades of US embargo have impacted the lives of the Cuban people.

Raising the slogan “Build The Future, Break the Blockade!” this delegation of young activists will also participate in Cuba’s historic May Day Parade to celebrate International Workers Day alongside the Cuban people.

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