The Department of Labor has wide-ranging power to vigorously enforce and interpret labor laws and regulations. Bernie Sanders, a proven champion for workers' rights would make a big difference in the lives of workers and in strengthening America's unions.

Tell President-elect Joe Biden: U.S. labor says appoint Bernie Sanders for Labor Secretary! We call on all workers, union or not, to sign this petition and share it widely.

Senator Sanders has publicly called for:

  • end “Right To Work” (for less) laws that deprive unions of dues

  • the end to “at-will” employment, which allows the boss to dismiss a worker for any reason

  • doubling union membership

  • industry-wide collective bargaining rights and labor standards

  • making it as easy as possible for all working people to join unions

While campaigning, Sanders has built a movement of union and non-union members alike and has made labor unions central to his presidential campaign platform. As Labor Secretary, this movement will come with him in his fight to protect and advance workers' right.

“If there is going to be class warfare in this country, it is time that the working class of this country won that war.” —Sanders at the AFL-CIO convention in Iowa

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