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Our deepest solidarity with Asian women workers unprotected from violence in their workplaces. Massage parlor workers face abuse regularly, and fetishization/sexual stereotyping of Asian women is one of the most common and pernicious forms of anti-Asian racism.

Egregious acts of racialized gendered violence never happen in a vacuum. Fighting it will take all of us raising our voices in solidarity.

To #StopAsianHate, we must oppose the U.S. manufactured demonization campaign against China. This Yellow Peril racist war drive is the root cause of spikes in anti-Asian hate violence. The U.S. security state and media mouthpieces are complicit in creating a dangerous climate to everyone in the Asian community.

Profiteers will use this moment as pretense for more defense and police spending. They will try to pin poor and working people against each other. But we, Organized Labor, can rise above it by allowing nothing to undercut our solidarity with the Asian people at home and abroad.

Union sister Jollene speaking to the long legacy of white supremacists

fetishizing and then taking the lives of Asian women across

the continent. It's a deep-rooted feature of US militarism.


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