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Labor Against Racism and War sends its deepest solidarity to our affiliate, the Communications Workers of America, and the Alphabet Workers Union for launching their unprecedented union drive at Google, and its parent company Alphabet. Since going public with their efforts, the union has put forward a powerful vision to build something our labor movement desperately needs more of: wall-to-wall, race and gender worker solidarity.

We stand with Alphabet workers in their struggle because we see it as our own. Too often, technology is used in our country to strip workers of our humanity by surveilling and undercutting our labor power. Data collection, drone technology and manipulated government tech filters are used to ignite international conflict and worker exploitation. Silicon Valley giants serve as police, ICE and military intel contractors, causing needless suffering on the international working class.

As police and defense budgets soar in the United States, cuts have been made to almost every program designed to help poor and working class communities survive. The most impacted are our most marginalized workers who we must never leave behind. For too long, Silicon Valley companies like Google have only inflamed this inequity. Instead, advances in technology can be used for the betterment of humanity, and not to contribute to racism, war and poverty.

From their position within the belly of the tech industry beast, we believe Google workers can lead the tech world in that fight. The Alphabet Workers Union has been launched in defiance of a massive multi-billion dollar tech pseudo-monopoly with tentacles deep within the very fabric of the internet, modern telecommunications, culture, and information. The workers’ sacrifice in tirelessly organizing the Alphabet Workers Union is exemplary. Their visionary union model that embeds the big-picture impact of Google on the world fills us with immense hope. Our unions can not only fight and win improvements in the workplace, but also serve the interest of all of society and the planet.

In struggle and solidarity we stand with you and your movement to unionize. With strong worker organizing, you will win this fight.

Labor Against Racism and War Executive Committee


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