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Sisters and Brothers, we cannot effectively fight these hate crimes without getting serious about their root cause. It's why we're joining our friends at the ANSWER Coalition, CODEPINK, United Students Against Sweatshops and many others this Saturday, March 27th, in a nation-wide mobilization against anti-Asian racism and the war drive toward China.

Too many sold-out politicians and corporate media outlets are taking the side of the boss by enflaming anti-China propaganda. Their playbook is to fuel deep hatred and racism against Asian people in order to justify confrontation and potentially war with China.

We've saw this same divide-and-conquer playbook of the boss during the Iraq War and we see it in our shop floor fights everyday. Union or not, massage parlor workers are our sisters and they deserve real workplace safety. The fetishization/sexual stereotyping of Asian women is one of the most common and dangerous forms of anti-Asian racism.

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