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Recent polls show that Americans have never viewed China more negatively than now. We know for war and aggression to be defensible, the workers in other countries must be demonized. As big business press and corrupt politicians from both sides inflame disgusting propaganda and racism against Chinese and Asian workers, our labor movement must stand for truth, justice and worker solidarity. U.S. corporate power is failing to meet the desperate needs for healthcare, education, housing at home and wants us to point fingers at workers abroad to deflect blame. We refuse.

Why are half of American military bases surrounding China? What are the forces behind the Hong Kong protests? Who provides the funds and who stands to benefit? How does it tie to Black Lives Matter and the wars at home? Why is there such a different impact of COVID-19 in China vs. the U.S.? Why must labor care? Tuesday, July 21st at 8pm ET / 5pm PT at our Facebook page, we’ll be discussing these questions and more. Don’t miss it! US Labor Against the War will never and has never taken funds from the state department or its many corporate foundations. We’re run by rank-and-file workers and our unions, allowing us to be the genuine international voice for the US labor movement. This means we’re bringing you the undistorted truth – for workers, by workers.


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