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Labor Against Racism and War (LARW) and the Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) are pleased to announce our second, joint labor solidarity delegation to Colombia from August 12th – 22nd, 2021.

Colombia is the most dangerous place in the world to be a unionist – making international worker solidarity of utmost importance. Join us on our second solidarity delegation to Colombia in support of the people’s aspirations for peace and justice. We build on our worker-to-worker bonds with trade unions, human rights groups, Afro-Colombian organizations, and indigenous peoples.

We are under the same sky, we are one family, we are all workers.

For more information or if you have any questions, send an email to

This will be an exciting and informative trip. The delegation will provide a prime opportunity for the establishment of direct worker-to-worker solidarity among those in labor and social movement work. The cost for the trip is $1,400, not including international airfare. Scholarships will become available to those in need as we build the delegation and fundraise together.

We will visit national and local leadership of oil, agricultural, miners, flower cutters, port workers, teachers, and other leading unions, and will meet with injured workers from the GM plant in Bogotá. We will also engage with popular movement leaders, human rights defenders, and rural, indigenous, and Afro-Colombian communities. The delegation will spend half its time in the capital city of Bogotá, and half based out of Cali, traveling throughout the Departments of Cauca and Valle del Cauca, where political violence is at the highest rate in the nation.

Is it possible to travel safely to Colombia

during the current humanitarian and health crisis?

The LARW-AfGJ Labor Solidarity Delegation is an excellent way to travel safely and responsibly to Colombia. By traveling with this delegation, you can travel with confidence while still seeing the Colombian reality in a way that very few are able to. You’ll make a powerful statement to our partners there as we stand together in defense of working people and peace in Colombia and around the world. We will be observing stringent health protocols above and beyond current requirements with regards to COVID-19. We will also be taking measures to not only avoid political violence, but we understand that our presence and privilege as international human rights defenders enables us to bring some temporary safety to the popular movements we meet with.


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