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May Day is our day! Across the globe, workers celebrate International Workers’ Day (or, colloquially, May Day) as a tribute to the contributions of the working class and our labor movement. This May Day 2022, we have a must-join program for you in solidarity with all working people that will feature labor leaders from the U.S. and around the world.

It is vital to the labor movement that we do not lose the spirit of this important holiday. What's going on in Ukraine and why are all these mega-corporations soliciting our money? How is the recent victory at Amazon's Staten Island warehouse as much about civil rights as labor rights? Together, we'll discuss all this and more.

We all want to live with dignity and respect because that’s what we earned through our hard labor. We want the right to have a voice on the job because our labor creates all wealth. Though at times apart, we are under the same sky, we are one family, we are all workers.

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